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Tanya Huang

Hi, I'm Tanya!   Thanks for looking me up! 

You can find me most Fridays-Sundays on Royal St. 

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A little about me....

I was born in Taiwan but grew up in America.  I started playing the violin when I was 6.  I've been playing in New Orleans for 15 years and counting....I love dogs and plants and sleeping all day.  

The Inner Pup

Express Your Inner Pup

I am SO excited to partner with the Inner Pup of New Orleans!!  Please check them out if you love dogs, need help with vet costs, or want them to come to your school and talk to kids about responsible pet ownership.  Or if you just want this cute hat, check out my store.  100% of the proceeds goes to The Inner Pup, the shipping is on me!

Tanya & Dorise

Yes, I'm Tanya from Tanya & Dorise!  

Dorise still lives in New Orleans and is doing well!  Please email her at  I'm sure she would love to hear from you!